youtube channels for web development
youtube channels for web development

YouTube is a great tool to improve your coding skills, efficiency, speed, understanding.

Take it this way, as a developer, it is often recommended you go to GitHub, download or clone some projects to view their codes, and learn how they were able to solve some problems or their approach to solving that problem. YouTube channels are the same, you get to watch others code, solve problems in their way and you can code with them as you watch.

YouTube videos are popularly subdivided into different parts i.e Crash Courses, Courses, Projects Making, Tips & Recommendations, Advice & Experience, etc…

Oftentimes, laptops that you will see programmers and tech experts recommend for programmers are overrated. You don’t need $1000+ laptops for coding.

There are cheap laptops that have the core requirements to serve as a laptop for coding. We will be talking about these core requirements because with them you can go to a laptop shop and get good laptops for coding.

So if you’re just starting out in programming and you may not have had the money for a $1000+ laptop, am saying there is no need to wait to get that money before starting. …

Programming is hard, now imagine teaching what is hard. You would need an in-depth understanding to be able to break it down for others to learn it.

Making a Programming course takes time, sacrifice. So for you to get a course will require money, of course, to compensate the author of the course for his/her time.

Times have changed (though programming is still hard), and some persons in the world of programming have decided to teach it for free. Wow! Isn’t that generous?.

So in today’s article am going to show you 20+ places you can learn programming for free

Elijah Trillionz

I am a software developer that has developed lots of love for JavaScript and every framework or Run Time Environments that extends functionality of JS.

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